Friday, October 24, 2008


We finally have new news to report on! For our 4th anniversary we took a trip to Chicago! For the first half hour I was in shock because of the size, sounds and traffic of the city. Kyle did amazingly at driving in the big city, and actually enjoyed it! Once we checked into our hotel, "The Silversmith" which had the train that ran right next to our window, we went to visit Cassie, the sister of one of my student workers Karleen, who works in the Aon building. (The Aon building is the second largest building in Chicago!) She gave us a tour and took us to the 80th floor to check out the view! I took a picture of her building just to show how far up we were!

After taking in the view she kindly drove us to Navy Pier where we spent the rest of the evening. They have loads of fun shops, not very many restaurants, and a really cool ferris wheel! It was really cold though.

The next morning we walked to the aquarium...which was farther than we thought it would be, but it was a beautiful walk!

The coolest part of the aqaurium was the shark tank...

but I kept looking for cool turtles too!

Afterwards, we walked through millenium park...which has the reflective bean (public art) and the huge faces that actually moved. They really were creepy. They blink and move their lips. Apparently in the summer time they spit water at you.

And then....WICKED! It was amazing! The moment that we left we wanted to see it again, which we will when it comes to SLC.

The last few days we spent in Terre Haute, IN where we used to live. We did get a bit lost on our way out of Chicago, but not on the way back to the airport. I have realized that I miss the people but not the town! We went back to our old ward and got to have an "Amazing Race Sunday" with one of our favorite families the Greens.

Annette, Gayla, Kacie, Mary and Me