Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not me Wednesday

I am not excited to put up Halloween decorations, and I am not doing it this weekend because Kyle will be out of town!

I was not tempted to feel a cactus at looked fluffy. I did resist this strange urge.

I am not nervous about my new boss starting in a week and a half and no it is not because I am almost half his size at 6' 7''.

I did not find a wicked awesome Sherlock Holmes pattern for Halloween...It will have to wait until next year though. This year I'm going to be a "Charlie Brown Ghost."

I have not been super busy with school. But when I stop to think about it, all the studying I do is not a bad thing...hearing how much TV other people watch.

I have not already completed 3 new Halloween crafts. And I have another one in the works. I am a hopeless cause.

We do not love our new BBQ. Hooray for the first real steak in my marriage! :)

I am not already thinking about the Christmas music I get to play in the near future.