Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Updates, updates, updates!

Updates were officially requested so here they are!

The month of August was very busy for the Cottam household! We visited family, had family visit us, had new callings and had work pick up. I guess I should just start at the beginning!

The first weekend in August we went up to Cherry Hill to camp/play with most of the Cottam clan (Kent, Beth and Melissa were sorely missed and I hope they get to come next year!) We had a great time! We drove up on Friday night...I was a bit overwhelmed by how many people were there! I guess I was just expecting a bit more room to have the camp site! We walked around, played a bit and mostly just enjoyed the family that night! When we got up the next morning it was a bit cold and it was cloudy, but I think this worked out in our favor since it kept the crowds down for the water stuff! We played miniature golf, went down the fun slides, enjoyed a good game of Airoball, which Kyle and Kendall were the experts at (I think the rest of us tried really hard but never really got it!) Probably one of the best things was the lazy river! Me, Courtney and Kyle just floated and relaxed! It was so nice! We stayed the night again and headed home on Sunday. We really just had a fun time, good food and great family!

After we headed home, Mom and Dad Cottam headed down our way. They came for the Shakespeare Festival but visited us too! We got to go and see the Secret Garden with them on Thursday! It was good...but I was a bit disappointed with the actor who portrayed Archibald. He didn't project on certain songs! But we had a good time anyways. Then on Friday Kim and her boy Mark came and stayed with us! We played loads of games, we out to breakfast with them and Mom and Dad Cottam, and went swimming. Then on Sunday when they left JaNae and Na came and stayed with us until Wednesday! (Obviously we had a really full house!) We were able to spend a lot of time with them on Sunday, but after that they had plays and dinner each we really were just a B&B! I have to admit that the weekend that followed was a nice one! I didn't go anywhere or do too much!

Church updates: Kyle got put back in YM's as the first counselor...again! I've been filling in for the ward choir pianist, which has been an interesting experience.

School has officially started, and thus our work schedules have been crazy! Kyle has already started up with sports, and is traveling this weekend with the volleyball team to TX. Volleyball is a new team this year, so it is taking extra work on Kyle's part on learning the new program. My office has been very busy, but to me it is just job security! I've also started my own classes: FREN 4640, which is a French Caribbean lit class and FREN 4510, a translation class. They started yesterday. The lit class is by far the hardest. It is with a new instructor who is a native speaker. Between the new vocab, the rapid speaking and the accent I had such a hard time with it! I made a promise to myself that I would stick it out for two weeks...and I know that this will really help my French if I can just stay with it!