Friday, February 26, 2010

Not me Friday

I haven't written in a while, and I am so sorry! So here is my not me Friday:

I am not stressed about all the school work next week...which does not include a midterm worth about 1/4 of my grade, a paper in the same class and a 10 min presentation in the other class on the same day as the midterm. I wish that I could just get over my test anxiety already! And I did not break down in tears in the middle of class during the review for the midterm. I think that my teacher must think that I am nuts...but I hope not since she is stuck next to me on the like 16 hour flight to Paris.

I am not looking forward to my trip to SLC next week. Kyle will be on the road again and I did not want to stay home alone really I didn't. So after my week from Hades with school I am promptly taking Friday off and hitting the road! :) Just pray for good weather.

Tonight I was not getting sentimental about my old high school. Weird.

I was not preparing lesson plans for a job that I don't have. If anyone has taken a foreign language and would like to pass on what they loved to do in their high school classes I would love the advice.

I did not enjoy spring cleaning at the office. And my office was not violating fire codes. Also I was not thoroughly enjoying the fact that I broke the rules and wore sneakers to the office...but I was doing the dirty work and nice shoes just don't cut it.

I do not have 63 days left on my countdown to France. :)

I did not realize this week that I am finally an adult. Seriously, when did THAT happen?!

I am not currently listening to Edith Piaf, who is not amazing. :)

I am not still searching for good sandals to take to France. I'm really not having any luck.

I do not love having my house back in order...I really am a neat freak. Someday I might have to get over that, but today is not that day.

I did not find some Peanuts comics in French...which made me very happy. I think that someday they will be posted on my wall of my classroom. Once again the plans that I am not making.

I do not need to find a new book for my flight...I am so out of the loop with books, which is so weird for me, the person who when not taking classes reads a book a week. Once again any suggestions are welcome!

I think that is all for tonight...:)

Friday, February 19, 2010


I just wanted to state that I have (Drumroll please...) 70 days left until France. Yeah, I'm not excited. Not at all :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week three and four

Weeks three and four have come and went! Here are a few of the fun things we/they did!

First of all Yoon Jin and Jee Hyun started actually going to the local elementary school here in Cedar and helped out in two different classes. They would talk about all their kids...the favorite question that they got was when they told them they were from Korea they were both asked (by two different kids mind you) if they could speak Korean. This just made me laugh!

I have come to conclude with them when they hear that another group did something that is when they would want to try it. For example one group went to Sizzler, so they wanted to too! So we obliged and took them. Let me back track for a moment. We had to be interviewed in order to have them come and stay with us to make sure that Kyle and I weren't crazy people...and during that interview we were told that Korean girls never eat very much. HA! At sizzler Yoon Jin ate 6 plates of her own and then finished off everyone else's. Seriously...I have no idea where that girl put all that food!

Friday night we went over to the Louthan family's home to eat homemade pizza and play games. Here is a few photos from that night. We taught them Twister, it was hilarious!

They got to visit Las Vegas for their weekend here. They had a great time! Why...because all they did was shop, eat at buffets (at which I was told Yoon Jin finished 10 plates!) and hung out with their friends! I have to admit that Kyle and I were happy to have a weekend off :)

The next week they were busy with school...they had presentations and had a great time on Valentine's day. They made valentines for all their kids. It kinda made me want to be a kid again, and make a valentines day box. Maybe next year! :)

They learned how to cook some of their favorite American meals...and I sent them home with ingredients to make them for their families!

On Friday we had a going away banquet with the whole group. It was crazy but fun! Afterwards we played ping-pong and foosball and then came back to our home for cake!

Saturday they went shooting and on the way home Kyle got stuck in the mud. Totally hilarious but Kyle was so frustrated. Rule number one. No back roads in the winter. :) Later that day we did a whole lot of shopping in St. George for gifts for their families and boyfriends. At the end I was so tired but it was fun. They had a hard time choosing sizes...I just hope that I made some good judgement calls! We then tried In-and-Out Burger for dinner...once again because one of their friends said they tried it. (I tried to pitch Olive Garden with no success!)

Here is us on Sunday morning dropping them off at the bus. Kyle wore his Honbok for the occasion. Everyone but Kyle shed a few tears.

We asked them what their favorite things were and they said their homestay (meaning us! :) But I don't know if they were just saying that...I don't think so though!), seeing the stars and Las Vegas.