Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not me Tuesday

I did not get in a fight with the church wall on Sunday...the wall totally won. I have the battle wound to prove it.

I am not looking forward to being done with finals already. I hate tests. Boo. Can I be a teacher someday that does not give tests? Is there a way around this practice?

I do not laugh at the music offices play in the background when you are on hold...most of the time it just makes me want to take a nap.

I do not have 4 days left until I leave. I am also not officially packed...besides all the little stuff that you need on a daily basis, like my toothbrush.

I did not get to paint at work today. Yeah, my job is AWESOME.

I am not thinking about dropping my summer class just because I need a break. Is that bad?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not me Friday

I do not officially have 7 days until I leave for France. Thus I do not feel like I am being pulled in multiple different directions all at the same time. I'm getting slightly trunky, a little nervous but VERY excited. Everytime that I wear my new sandals (that I bought for my trip) Kyle teases me about "breaking them in" I don't think that I'll ever convince him that you really do have to break in new shoes before you wear them all day and walk miles in them! :)

My French professor did not break out into song TWICE in yesterday's class. Freakin hilarious. I am partially sad that this semester is over...but so happy! I'm looking forward to getting to read for the sake of reading...spend time with Kyle...not stress about tests for a bit...and get to spend some time outside!

I do not love warmer weather. It was nice here for a few days and then turned cold again. Boo cold. I'm looking forward to flowers...playing at the park...picnics...kite flying...and throwing a Frisbee.

We did not have a student come into our office needing to turn in a form who insisted that she put it in Lindsey's (my boss) basket herself. I kinda wanted to say "I promise...I will get it to her. I do it all day long! :) " We were trying hard not to laugh.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Relay for Life 2010

This year's Relay for Life was so much more organized! Valeena did a wonderful job! Here is me and Valeena :)
For those of you who do not know the Relay for Life is for the American Cancer Society raising money for cancer research. As a second year team we ended up in 5th place (which is AMAZING!) raising $1,627.00. Our theme this year was "Be a Hero."
So to tie in the theme I made, with the help of my wonderful niece Sonnett who drew them and bro-in-law Kevin who helped come up with the words, onomatopoeia
signs (like the old Batman ones) to decorate our campsite!
We sold walking tacos which were a huge success! I also made capes for each team member...they were really helpful because we were able to distinguish who our team members were!
Here are some other fun photos of that night!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I realized this last weekend that I just love hanging out with Kyle. It doesn't have to be something huge, but I am just happy being with him. I guess that is what happiness is all about.

Thursday we did our traditional Easter egg hunt...I hide them...Kyle finds them. It was fun this year was the first Easter in our home, so I got to find new places to hid them! The winner for best hiding spot was in the ice dispenser on the fridge...from my level you could see it, but from Kyle's height he could not! So funny. Later that night we just watched a movie.

Friday morning we slept in and then got up and started driving up north to got to the SUU vs UVU baseball games. The games were good...it was super cold though. I stayed at the hotel for the second one to try and get through my 166 pages of reading for my lit class. It was nice just to climb in bed and be warm! After Kyle got done we went out to Korean food...good stuff. I miss it. Afterwards we had to stop at Walmart because I forgot face wash...and we found Mille Borne. (Anyone remember that game? Totally AWESOME!) Unfortunately this was not the French version, but still cool.

Saturday was conference. Oh, how I love conference. What a wonderful blessing that it is to live in this day and age...to have the opportunity to hear the words of the prophet. There is something about being able to listen. We had more baseball, but I stayed in the car to listen to conference. We made it up to SLC before Priesthood so Kyle was able to go with his brother Kevin. I headed over to my sister's to play! Easter Sunday was relatively quiet. More conference, the drive home, dinner and Amazing Race. Still all and all a great day. We were happy to be home.