Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Relay for Life

This last few weeks at work we have been working towards one night, which was last Friday! My office put together a team for one of my co-workers who is currently battling breast cancer, thus the name SUU Kathy's Krew! We did fundraisers, donations and change gathering. It was a whole lot of work but so full-filling! Here is Kathy
The actual event lasted from five pm to noon the next day. I had the 9 pm to 6 am shift, but was on the set up crew too. (Try putting up a tent with the wind blowing...that is hard work!) I personally walked over 10 miles. I was a whole lot more emotional than I thought that I would be...because of Daddy...but I did alright. The best part of the whole experience was the luminaries walk which was when they honored those who had to go through it. This is Sheila, Netta and Me!

They had fireworks and all sorts of activities...but people became scarce at about 2 am. I had this weird burst of energy about then, it could have been because of my awesome relay mix on my ipod...hehe...and I started doing cartwheels on the track. I got some good laughs at least! All and all a great experience.

Monday, April 13, 2009


What a wonderful season! I love both aspects of Easter: the spiritual and the fun. This year for the first time, Kyle and I just stayed at home for Easter. It was nice and quite, I played easter bunny and did an easter egg hunt for Kyle...which has been one of our traditions. Church was wonderful! Kyle made crockpot pork chops (Lissa you need to try this recipe) and I did mashed potatoes and green beans. At dinner Kyle and I had a nice discussion...I was joking with him that I would be the easter bunny and he could be santa. He promptly told me that he was going to be straight up with our kids someday and tell them the easter bunny and santa (and the toothfairy...I'm not quite sure where the toothfairy came into play) don't exist. This didn't make me too happy...since I am so crazy about holidays and all...so I made him call his mom! :) Needless to say that she agreed with me and that closed the discussion.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I am in the mood for spring. Bright colors, bike rides, planting in the garden and shorts! Can I just say that I really want to start my garden, but don't know if we will be around to enjoy it. I have already tilled and I think that I just might plant something (knowing me prolly pumpkins) but I know that it would make it hard to leave. And I can't help but think...wow! hard to leave the basement apt? Lol...but I am definatly in the mood for spring. My Easter decorations look pretty funny up against snow!