Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hair Cut

Last Friday I finally got up the nerve to cut my hair...but of course I couldn't go just half way! I decided that if I was going to do it, I would donate it. It really was a fulfilling process, the best part of it being when I actually mailed off the envelope of 14 inches of my hair. It just felt so good. It is definitely true...when you give to others you really get more in return. Here are the photos! The before:

The after:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Week!

This may sounds silly, but I am thankful that it is Monday! :) Last week from a mixture of grades being due, my phone ringing off the hook, a work conference, learning cake decorating, and organ and piano playing it was a crazy week! Let me start at the beginning...Have I even mentioned that I hate it when grades are due? It is probably one of my five worst days of the year! (Although thankfully this time I did not get yelled at...serious blessing there!) And because grades were due things were just crazy in the office. And on Friday we had a work conference...and had a guest speaker come in who spoke about time management. He laid everything out that you did at the office in a four quadrant grid. Number one and two were on top of three and four. The top row was labeled as important and the bottom row was labeled as not important. Then the first column (which was numbers one and three) were listed as urgent and the second column was listed as not urgent. So basically what is in box one is important and urgent, two: important and not urgent, three: not important and urgent and box four: not important and not urgent. Box one had things like putting out fires, emergencies, etc... Box two had planning information, and meetings. Box three had phone calls, voicemails, emails, interruptions, etc..and box four had personal stuff. I couldn't help but think (and then comment) that my ENTIRE job was in quadrant three...nice to know that my job isn't considered important at all! Lol...my boss afterwards came back and clarified that yes our jobs are important!
And the last part of the week...which was basically all of my free time was learning the art of fondant frosting! How fun it was! But my arms got so sore from mixing all of the dye in...Here are the photos!