Monday, October 18, 2010

More crafts...

I just wanted to show off some of the craft projects I have been working on lately. :)


For the first time in over six years Kyle got to go to an actual game and cheer for a team , he really liked being a fan for once.. We traveled with the SUU football team to the booming metropolis of Fargo, ND then Grand Forks, ND for the actual game. We had some down time in Fargo so we walked quite a fact Saturday morning we walked to Minnesota. I think that Kyle suggested this just to say that we did it...hehe... We had a great time, and our team actually won! The other fans were not very good was their homecoming game and when they were loosing pretty badly in the third quarter they got up and left (probably to go and drink some more!) All-in-all, great trip, good food and GREAT company.Great facts about North Dakota/ our trip:
  • Around Fargo they have these big painted buffalo that looked like they were totally out of the seventies...
  • Out of our hotel window I counted 20+ water towers. Welcome back to the mid-west.
  • Alcohol flowed like water. They had three types of flags at their tailgate party, the USA flag, NDU flag and beer company flags.
  • They have a really nice indoor football arena, which makes sense since it is ND! But I don't think that I would like to play football on carpet. There is something about football and green grass that go hand-in-hand.
  • At the Chinese restaurant that we went to for dinner they had huge trained goldfish...that when you walked over to their pool they would swim up to you. Totally cool.

The Cottam's Anniversary

It has been officially six years since we got married...This is what I came home to:

Kyle just laughed and said something about it all being smoopy. I really like smoopy though.

Not me Monday

I do not hate condensation on bottles...It always seems to dribble on my pants.

I am not happy that fall is finally here, I have pulled out the sweaters already.

I do not hate it when your head and your heart tell you two different things.

I am not getting excited about Christmas already. I know I am crazy. Thankfully Kyle loves me anyways. Bring on the FM 100.3!

I am not thankful for good friends.