Saturday, January 30, 2010

Korean Students Week Two

What a great busy week! :) First of all, Jee Hyun and Yoon Jin do not like oatmeal....but they thought that crepes were pretty great! Kyle was crazy and made a Kimchi crepe...nasty! We played loads of games, made lots of meals, they ditched their first class...which we did not approve of but couldn't blame them...They like to watch disney movies because they can understand them! Yoon Jin can sometimes be found in her pajamas at different times of the day (which is not at all like someone that I know...) We had a group of their friends over to play games and have dinner, I thought it was a success! On Saturday we took them sledding and then they went out for a steak dinner and a movie. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things I have learned from our Korean's

We are now officially two days into having our study abroad students stay with us from Korea...and I am already learning a whole lot, not only about them and their culture but myself as well. I just wanted to write down my thoughts, funny things they say, funny things we say and our experiences.

First of all the word Llama is the same in Korean as it is in English. Who knew? (This was brought up because to get to our house you drive by the SUU farm and in the sheep pasture there is a llama out there with them (I even know why!) and Kyle and I look for the llama each time we drive by. The llama is there because they do not stand down to predators...they will protect the herd of sheep!)

Our Koreans loved looking at the stars...they had never seen so many before.

They are so gracious, and want to help with everything and learn how to help.

I was told that I was the best card shuffler that they had ever seen...and that may change when they visit Las Vegas on their trip...but it was a funny compliment.

They think our home is huge...and to them it is. At first I felt kinda selfish and greedy...but then this made me realize how truely blessed we are. We have so much compared to most people. And not only are we blessed physically but spritually. Let's just say that my prayers have a whole lot more "thank you's" in them now.

And lastly Kyle has been AWESOME! He helps out a whole lot, is really involved, is positive and funny! I don't think that I could do this without him.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that Kyle and I are just like two big kids? Well if this is new news to you, then here is a perfect example of why! For our date night last night we decided to have a fort building night! We built this AWESOME fort in our upstairs great room with all of the kitchen chairs, the bench, the step stool and the swiffer mop and then turned out all the lights and pretended that the power was out for the night. We played games and just had fun. This is why I love my husband...cause he doesn't think I am too nuts...and he will play along! :)

This is me coming out of the "super secret entrance."

The inside: (Note it looks smaller than it really was...we were both able to sit up, move around and spread out! Once again, totally AWESOME!)

I was sad that this shot turned out blurry, but oh well! Still a good picture of us!

Us doing what we do best :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not me Thursday

I did not forget to pack a lunch today...thus I am not STARVING! :)

I did not turn in my application for study abroad today...and I am not getting very excited about it!

I am not loving classes this semester, and I am not so happy that I stuck with my lit class last semester, because now I see the fruit of my labors.

I do not get frustrated with stupid people that call into my office all the time...but unfortunately I always need to be professional. Blah. Somedays you just don't want to be professional anymore.

I did not have a great time yesterday with was his birthday and it was just so great to be with him!

Korean students are not almost here! Just one weekend left!

I do not miss getting to watch NCIS. I love my calling but I have to admitt that I miss watching my favorite TV show. Is that petty? Yes. Yes it is. Thank heavens for Netflix :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not me Sunday

I did not eat Oreo Lush for breakfast this morning. That would just be irresponsible.

I did not break the bathroom door last night....and I do not feel horrible about doing so. (Honestly it really was an accident though!)

I did not love this last few days off...and I did not stay in my pj's for most of the time.

I am and am not excited about getting back in school...(does that make any sense?!) but to keep practicing my French I did not start to read the D&C in French!

I am not dreading tomorrow, since it is the first day of spring semester and the office is going to be crazy!

I am not looking forward to Kyle being home already (and he just left not but two hours ago!)

I am not excited but nervous about housing two Korean students for a month for the study abroad program. And Kyle is also not more excited than I am.