Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not me Wednesday

I am not reminded of my childhood when I smell fresh paint (my office is getting painted).

I have not come to the conclusion that all troubles boil down to lack of communication.

I am not very excited about our camping trip this weekend!

I am also not very, very excited about Kyle getting us new Iphones!

I am not stressed about hiring a new Registrar in my office....

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Fourth of July!

Hooray for the 4th of July! Kyle insisted that we headed up to SLC in time for the Murray City parade. We had a great time! We started off the day with a free McDonald's breakfast...which is the junk food breakfast of choice. Then we made it to the parade just in time! I have to say that Kyle was at his best with his commentary. He should be the one doing the official one...One of the great things about the Murray City parade is that they give out lots of free stuff. Here is Kyle with his TP...hehe...
My niece Angela had a ball with the marching bands...she would get up and dance! It was hilarious!
Hey look! I found Waldo! This is my crazy bro-in-law Troy. Yes he did dress up like Waldo. AND yes he did get a LOT of free stuff for doing so. Tradition in the making? I think so!Melissa and her cool mask!Kendall and his girls...hehe...
After the parade we all went back to Mom and Dad Cottam's for lunch. Here is me and Mia. Can I just say that I love this shot? :)
After this we had a BBQ with my family and watch the "legal" fireworks that my brother-in-law got. All in all great day, good food and wonderful family! :)

Blankets and Cupcakes!

This is the latest quilt that I finished for my niece Callia. I got a package a few months ago with a note asking me to use the Mickey Mouse fabric that she sent to make a blanket. Here is the outcome!
A close up:
This is when I gave her the blanket! This is huge because lately Callia has hated getting her picture taken! That means that she loved the blanket.
Also here is the promised cupcake photos...I am really looking forward to doing these again! But I have to say that as good as these looked, they tasted even better! Super moist!