Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random facts about me...

Today I just had a bunch of random thoughts...I guess it all comes from blog hopping and someone else did this, so here they are!

I love old movies. Love them! My favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn and my favorite actor is Bing Cosby. I love the simplicity of the story lines and the lack of everything that ruins movies now-a-days.

I love the smell of new school supplies. Wierd, I know.

I hate change. I like to be rooted in one spot. If I believed in it, I think in another life I would like to be one of those huge redwood trees.

I like to bake. BUT I only really like to bake when I can take the fruits of my labor somewhere and share them...cause if not I just feel really guilty about eating all of it. Also, I know this is vain and it is a fault of mine, but I like others telling me that they like it...

I like to make things and be crafty...I guess I just like to have my hands busy :) I love the feeling of accomplishment after I am done.

I love my curly hair.

People tell me that I am just too perky/happy for my own good. Sometimes I agree.

I can read all day and see no problem with it.

I really like my handwriting.

I am a holiday fanatic. I love everything about them. The food, the decorations, the traditions and the celebrations.

I drink more water than anyone I know except my dad.

I love cardigan sweaters. I wish I had more of them. Also I love socks. Kyle will often find them in the bottom of the bed after I kick them off in the middle of the night.

I love making lists. I make them for just about everything.

I think I am a bit OCD about cleaning.

I don't watch very much TV at all...but I am addicted to three shows: NCIS, So You Think You Can Dance and The Amazing Race.

I think that is all the ramblings that I have for today :)