Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not me Thursday

I did not just get caught in the rain walking across campus from my class...thus I am not drenched and I do not have several hours of work left!

I did not spill my peaches all over my pants such that it looks like I had an "accident"...yeah.

I am not looking forward to school shopping this weekend!

I have not been crazy at work...I am starting to wonder why I wanted students back on campus.

I am not already starting to plot Halloween decorations...he he he he (evil witch laugh)

I did not find the creepy organ music from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken for my Iphone...and I am not ECSTATIC about it! I really need to find the sheet music to that.

Kyle did not find a game for our Iphones called Plants vs. Zombies...and I actually really like it!

I am not going to spend all night tonight watching NCIS season 7 that just came in the mail from Netflix.

I did not put my trust in Walmart this last week to get the new Mockingjay book...come to find out they only ordered ONE BOX. Yeah, now I get to wait for it to come in the mail. Patience is a virtue...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not me Monday

I have not come to conclude that I don't like eating leftovers very much. There are certain ones that I LOVE...but normally not so much.

I did not feel very uncomfortable when while using the public restroom today someone else the stall next to mine answered their cell phone and had a lengthy conversation. I tried to wait but just couldn't...That is just gross.

I am not frustrated with my dish is leaving a film on everything. I think that I might need to have it looked at.

I did not have a phone call last week that lasted 54 min 59 sec. Fun...I think that I earned a gold star! :)