Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Me Friday

I realized that I haven't posted on of these random thoughts of Meaghan here they are!

I do not think that skinny jeans look awful on most people...they either make you look more large than you really are, your rear end look twice as big or on the other end of the spectrum make you look like you have bird legs. I own one pair and I love them. As I am writing this I have to admit that in my head I am Megs...I hope that you don't look horrible in them!

I have not been craving salad from Chili's...that might just have to be dinner tonight.

I do not hate the tests given from one of my French teachers. You just never know what to expect. And honestly, why is it important for me to know the name of the first French food critic?!

I am not very excited to go to Hawaii. Seriously almost as excited as going to France. Almost. The countdown is officially 11 days. And my Uncle Tom has been WONDERFUL!! He gave us a whole list of things to do and places to see!

I am not already ready for this semester to be over. Is that bad?

I am not already having anxiety over passing the Praxis content area...I hate tests...Boo. And this one will determine if I can teach. Boo again.

I am not enjoying getting to watch NCIS on Tuesday nights. I miss my YW but it is kinda nice.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Crafts over Christmas break!

This winter break was full of craft projects...honestly I am a bit surprised with myself that I got them all done. I think that I watched probably 20 movies and did nothing but quilt or crochet. Here is the fruit of my labor!

This is the quilt that I made for my sister Amy...I always try to do homemade Christmas gifts, why I'm not sure, but that is just me.
Here is a close up of the fabric:I also had Sonnett and Levi for Christmas on the Cottam side. As soon as Sonnett found out that I had her name she requested an afghan. I started this right before Christmas and finished it right before New Years. It turned out so soft!
While searching for Amy's quilt fabric I found baby flannel that I just could not pass up! First of all I loved the fabric...and then I saw that it was on sale from $7.99 to $2.49 a yard and I had a 10% off my total. Yeah. It was awesome! Here are some photos:

I loved the word pattern... :)

Christmas 2010

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"...and for me it really is. I start singing Christmas carols after the first snowfall. Following the normal "Cottam Christmas tradition" we had our own Christmas a few weeks before the real date. It was nice, quiet and just the two of us! The Christmas book this year was "The Night Before Christmas," the family game was "Guillotine" and this year's ornament was made from a key chain I brought back from Paris. The big family gift was a Kinect for the X-box...which may or may not have been opened a few weeks early too! Here are some photos from this year!

The new tree sent down from WY from Grandpa and Grandma! It was great! We put our old one in the upstairs window so it could be seen from outside.

"Santa" gave Kyle raspberry bismarks in his stocking...isn't he loved?

Kyle always does such a great job with my stocking...slippers, mike n' ikes, socks, Mentholatum, and orange cream sodas! Totally awesome!