Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shannon's Wedding

Welcome wedding number 2! Shannon got married last weekend in the Manti temple...oh what memories! Kyle and I headed out at 6:30 to make it to Manti in time. We actually got there super early and had time just to walk around the temple and take a few pictures. We then headed in and got dressed (It was a white sealing). Walking by the dressing rooms the temple smelled like baking bread...that will always be the thing I remember about Shan's wedding! I also love the celestial room because they have rocking chairs :) The sealer gave some great advice...he said to have at least one meaningful kiss each day that you think about the kiss over the alter! Love it. After the temple we headed to the local park for a BBQ. BJ's dad set it all up and it was AWESOME! Afterwards we headed north to get ready for the reception. She decorated with sunflowers, cowboy stuff and john deer tractors. I wasn't so sure at first, but it turned out really cute! Here are some photos!

What a beautiful morning it was!The whole clan at the temple!

The reception....

Where the line was:

The cake!The food table! She did chips and salsa, so cute!The Cottam clan all dressed up!Me and Shan!
Shannon and BJCheyenne

Sonnett and Levi at the temple

Sonnett's Wedding

The first of the niece's/nephew's got married on March 15th! It is crazy that Sonnett is now married, but she and Levi are perfect for each other! They were sealed in the Salt Lake temple and had their luncheon at Texas Roadhouse. After lunch I was the official hairdresser and then headed to the reception center to set up! The reception was so cute...they had a candy bar as a thank you...and I particularly liked the root beer floats! Here are some photos of the day!

Me and Kyle while waiting for Sonnett and Levi!

Me and Sonnett!
Her immediate family.
The whole clan!
This is Sonnett and Levi in their natural habitat...when they look like normal people that is when they are really acting! The thing that I love about this photo is that I randomly called out "hey look at me for a photo!" and this is what they came up with without even talking to each other! At the reception...Kyle is looking good in his new suit!
Me, Na and Court! I love these girls!
Sonnett and Karen...don't they look lovely!
The cake!
The candy table. I loved this idea!