Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yearly visit from Gayla!

Each year my good friend Gayla comes to Las Vegas with her hubby, who comes to play golf, and we meet up in Mesquite and go to lunch and just get to talk! Sometimes others from Indiana come and sometimes it is just Gayla. What a wonderful visit it was! Here is the yearly photo!

Friday, June 24, 2011

First Camping Trip of the Season!

This last weekend we went camping with Sonnett and Levi at Yankee Meadows. I love it up there because it is not too far away, it is clean, quiet and has everything I like while camping. I found out that Levi is a firewood cutting fool. I was reminded that boys get crazy when you get them together, everything tastes better cooked over the fire, smores are AWESOME, bug spray tastes AWFUL, Yankee Meadows has the cleanest latrines EVER (which I really appreciate), woods can get creepy after ghost stories (even silly ones like Kyle's golden arm story), I like looking at the stars, and remembering layers is a good thing! It was a great trip, at a great site, with great food and GREAT company! Here are some photos of the trip:

Kyle and I :)This was my "En Guard, I will skewer you with my roasting stick if you attempt to take my mallows!" look...
Me and my smore...and yes, it was AWESOME!Sonnett roasting her mallows...and Levi doing what he did best...chopping wood!Kyle enjoying his hot cocoa in the morning...
The beautiful Sonnett working on breakfastOn our hike...I love Kyle in the background on this one! At the reservoir on our hike!
Yes, we are all wearing the same sweatshirt just in different colors...Thank you SUU athletics's dept.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I was able to attend another conference this year...this time in the booming metropolis of Ephriam, UT at Snow College! I went with Kristin, Sheila and Valeena from my office. We had a great time! We got there on Monday afternoon and got somewhat settled into our motel room. Speaking of the motel, wow what a place! Not! We had brown water the first day and no water the second! Anyways...back to the fun stuff! The first day they had service projects to do, my group tied quilts and sewed bags. Then they had dinner groups and a movie night! So much fun! The next two days were the actual conference...we attended different sessions, ate loads of good food, were entertained, won prizes and I even did line dancing. I got a BYU shirt, which I traded with Kristen who had an USU one! And then I won one of the grand prizes...a small video camera! Honestly, it was nice to get away, be paid for it and come back energized!