Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

What a wonderful 4th of July with new traditions and great friends and family! I started out the day baking...and baking...and baking! I had a lot of fun doing it though and appreciated the fact that I had time to do it! Here is a photo of the fruits of my labor...
Sonnett and Levi joined us for the day; we played games, watched Harry Potter (we officially started a HP marathon! ) ate yummy food and just relaxed! Later that night we had the Clawson family join us for a BBQ...and MORE FOOD! Maybe that is why I had such a great day, feed Megs and she will remain happy? Anyways...after the BBQ we played with the kids, the sidewalk chalk was my favorite :), then we headed out front for some great fountains, epic tank battles and sparklers! Have I mentioned that I LOVE the 4th of July? Cause I do! After we did the "home" fireworks, the Clawson family headed out, and Kyle, Sonnett, Levi and I headed up to the roof to watch the Cedar City fireworks...I have a feeling that we have a tradition in the making there! I was a bit scarred climbing up, but after I got up we had a great time! :) Here are some photos from the night!

Me and Kyle
Sonnett and Levi
Kyle with the 1.21 Gigawatts firework...thankfully it did not disappoint!And here is the actual show! I was playing around with my new mini video camera that I won! :)

Me and my wicked big sparkler!
The epic tank war!

This was the big finale!

Kayla was having a great time in the duck hamper!
Us doing our "fish faces"

Friday, July 1, 2011

My life in the Registrar's Office...

I work as the Administrative Assistant in the Registrar's Office at SUU and some days I never know what to expect when I get into work...I could be laughing or crying, get the best customers or get chewed out by a certain group I call the "missionary moms". So I try and keep everything light hearted, to do this about a year ago, I started a list of the funniest things that have happened to me in my office so when I get one of those hard customers, you know the ones that no matter what you do for them they will never be happy, I can remember that I do LOVE my job. I just wanted to share that list! And please note that these are all 100% true stories...I write them on my board right after they happened... :)

"I have Prairie Dogs on my property and I was told that someone at your institution would come and count them for me."

"My wisdom teeth need to be pulled...do you know a dentist at SUU that could do it for less money? No? What about a dental student?"

A student called in to my office to check on the registration status of their internet class. I asked if they had checked their schedule online...they informed me that " don't have access to the internet."

(15 minutes before 5 o'clock on the last day of the semester) "Can I get a 100% tuition refund if I withdraw from all my classes?"

"Is it your office I would speak to about my financial aid coming in or financial aid?"

A student called in to have an enrollment verification sent to her dad. I asked her what her father's name was and how it was spelled so I could attn it to him. She did not know how to spell her dad's name...It was Ernest and she was a sophomore in college.

A student called my office concerning ordering an official transcript: "Can't you just forge my signature? To heck with FERPA!"

Another staff memember told me that I had the perfect voice...and then asked me to do a favor for her. Her 4 year old daughter was having a birthday and more than anything she wanted to have Cinderella come to her party. Unfortunately they cost A LOT of money and she could not afford to have an actress come. So she asked that I call her daughter and act like I was Cinderella. Seriously the best 20 minutes ever!

Permission forms signed by the students...giving themselves permission to register.

Harry Potter envelopes...the top number of stamps so far on one envelope is 44.

A student came into my office to register for a class, but unfortunately did not have photo ID with him, but had it out in his car. He turned around and ran across the rotunda...and that is when we realized that he had a raccoon tail on flapping behind him!

"I was told this is where I can get a gym membership"

"I know my Tnumber is T something, something, something, something...."

A student called into my office: "I am coming to pick up my transcript and am standing in front of the admissions office in the student's center. Where can I locate your office?" My office is right next to the admissions office, sharing the same front counter.

A student came into our office and wanted me to certify that his transcript and diploma were official. What he wanted me to certify were photocopies of the documents from an institution ins Missouri.

"Good morning, SUU Registrar's Office this is Meaghan." "I'm locked out of my room."

I received an email from a students asking what my email address was.

After helping a student his response: "Oh! I love you! Can I send you flowers?"...The next day when he called in again: "I was the one who professed his love to you yesterday..."