Thursday, June 18, 2009

Julia's Wedding/Trip to Denver

We headed on the road last weekend for my cousin Julia's wedding in Denver CO. Kyle and I drove to Green River WY...and met Daddy, Ma and Carrie there. We beat them there by about an hour and a half, and it is such a small town that I didn't have reception on my cellphone, so they didn't know where to meet us! Finally they decided to think like Megs...where would she be? THE PARK! And sure enough, that is where they found us! We continued on the road, snugly joining Carrie in the back seat (I am really glad that we are a close family). We had some good laughs, mostly from playing name that tune off of Carrie's one else could hear the they had to guess from Kyle and my's singing. Some...well most of the songs we didn't know...which is where the game got funny! Once we got there Aunt Sandy fed us dinner and we headed to the hotel to crash. The next day was just a day to relax...we got up and ate breakfast with Papa, swam, went shopping, swam again, went to dinner with just the adults, and stayed up late playing games with Carrie, Amy and TJ. (Where Kyle and Carrie had a rival, and everyone was convinced that Amy and I were cheating. Which we weren't. Just because she wasn't going to win, she figured that she might as well pass on what I needed!) The next day was the wedding! It was a Lutheran wedding...which I had never attended one before. It was beautiful, but really long! (After the actual wedding they had a full communion) We sat on the third one would think that I would have gotten to see it all...but I had Daddy and Uncle Hank in front of me. So I saw NOTHING! Thankfully about half way through, Kyle traded me places which helped. Then we headed straight to the reception, which was at a country club up the canyon. It was beautiful! They had a beautiful view and the decorations were wonderful. Dinner was good...the best part being the yummy salad dressing (I know weird...but it was so good!) Then all of the traditional toasts, cake stuff and dances. We were one of the first to leave...and that was at 10:30. I was so tired! We got on the road early the next morning and headed home. It was nice to be home. :) Here are some of the photos, I forgot to take pictures most of the time, I'll just have to get Amy's!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Last Tuesday we got the good news that the bank accepted our offer on the house! We have to close by June 30, 2009, but we are hoping to close sooner than that! Here is what it looks like!

From the front:

From the back:

Out the back door: Note that it is on a 1/2 acre...the property line is where the fences change colors!

The entryway:

View from the front door: (On the left is the garage door and then the stairs...then the hallway to the laundry room and master.)

The front room:

The kitchen:

The other side of the front room:

The master: (Showing the walk-in closet)

The master bath:

One of the other two bedrooms:

The other bath:

The great room above the garage:

From the other side:
The garage: