Thursday, July 30, 2009

Living Room Furniture!

We finally have furniture for our living room! It came yesterday afternoon. We picked it out a few weeks ago from Ashley Furniture in St. George. I promise...we will take off the tags, I was just too excited to post pictures that I forgot! :)

My favorite piece...the comfy chair!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

24th of July/ Visit from the Mannos Family

What a great weekend! On the 24th we had a nice lazy day...I love those days when you can just do what you want to do and not worry about having to be anywhere or impress anyone. I worked on my shelf...and completed it with some help from Kyle (He even helped with the stenciling!). I was thoroughly impressed with Kyle's craftiness and handyman help.

As he was putting up the decor on the shelf (I was too short to reach) he placed the heart in the love forward instead of having it in a straight line like I wanted it to we needed to do something to make the decision! As a 24th of July tradition we have tank battles. We went to the firework store that day and could not find any. So we had to think out of the box and use turtles (They basically did the same it worked!) So we decided that we would have a turtle battle to decide which way the heart would go. It was pretty even to begin with, until I lit Kyle's on fire with my sparkler...but then Kyle did the same. Afterwards...when we could actually see the damage, Kyle won. Here is the pictures of the carnage! Saturday was spent cleaning, working on my talk for Sunday and just relaxing!

On Monday Amy, TJ and kids came down to visit! I was so happy to see them! We rode bikes, played at the park, had a yummy dinner, had FHE and was able to just enjoy their are some pictures of fun at the park!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Craziness that is the Cottam household

We have officially moved into our house! And can I just say that I love it? :) Here is how the weekend went:
Friday: Friday was our big packing/moving boxes day...We took like six trips from the apt. to the new house. Also Friday was the day that Sonnett moved in with us, and can I just say that she and her dad were LIFESAVERS! They drove down in their truck, so we utilized their services! We got the majority of the boxes moved that day...I was very surprised with how much we could fit in our Subaru :)
Saturday: Saturday was the "official" moving day. We were supposed to borrow our neighbor's moving truck, but we couldn't get it to start! Not the way that we wanted to start out the I called a few friends that I served with in YW's. I love the fact that there are people in your life that you can call and at a moment's notice they drop everything they are doing and rescue you! Terri came with her truck and Rochelle lent us her trailer. It was a perfect fit! The move in only took about a half hour (Since we don't have that much furniture! That and there weren't any stairs!) We spent the day getting settled and I got started on my talk. Kyle was the official home decorator and even hung the kitchen decor!
Sunday: What an emotional day! I spoke in sacrament meeting, and when brother Farnsworth said I was speaking and that we were moving I just started crying! Thankfully I got through the talk (which I went over my time...and I was worried about not having enough!) And then the RS lesson, which I was introduced as Meaghan "the traitor" Cottam, which went well. And then we attended the BBQ for ward choir.
Monday: Monday was just a busy normal day at the office, but that night I went to a dinner for my co-worker Kathy who retired. We went to the Garden House! Yummy! I had salmon (which I got grief from Kyle about when I got home cause I ate the whole thing) It was so good just to sit and talk...good food and good friends! I totally ruined Kathy's present...I was so embarrassed! We got her an engraved jewelry box and three sets of Lia Sophia jewelry...and like the awesome person I am, when she started opening the different boxes I shout out "Which set it that?!" (So she knew what else was in the box! Everyone started laughing so hard at me...Valeena captured the moment perfectly!
Can I just say that Lindsey is such a great boss?! She ordered one of each of the desserts and had them bring out 10 spoons for us to share! It was AWESOME!
Tuesday: What a crazy day! I was in charge of the retirement party for Kathy...which was for over 200 people! I'm glad that it is over, but really sad that Kathy is gone! We had such a great turnout! Just to show what when into this party:
Here is the display:

Here is the Veteran Day Program posters that I made...Kathy put on this program since 1988.

I made a sign-in book...

Me and Kathy:
The office:
Valeena and Netta:
We had a special guest that came...Kathy loves Tom Selleck. LOVES Tom Selleck. Please note that this is really the body of Elvis and the head of Tom...but I think that it turned out looking pretty darn good!
This was her reaction when she saw him!
Karleen came down to visit! I was so happy!
Why is it that when it rains it pours? All in all, great things happened, but I am just worn out! I think that my stress level will go down significantly when I have all of the boxes unpacked and can actually find what I need at home. :)