Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not me Tuesday

I did not get an "atta girl" from a random stranger today.

I did not have someone in church on Sunday come up to me and tell me congratulations...on being pregnant. Yeah, I'm not pregnant. If I were to really be pregnant every time someone thought I was I would have 5 kids by now. It was hilarious though. The only bad thing about these type of situations is that I wonder if I LOOK pregnant. Kyle told me I didn't, thank you love for saying no even if I do.

I do not have 31 days until Paris. I am so ready to be there but not leave Kyle. This also means that I do not have 4 weeks of this semester left and I am so ready for it to be over!

I did not get contacts again this week and I am not having to get used to them all over again. The first time that I looked in the mirror I thought I looked funny.

I am not ready to read for the soul purpose of recreation again. I miss my books. Let me clarify this...I miss books in ENGLISH. French class I love you. I do! BUT I am sick of reading in French. Is that bad? Probably.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not me Tuesday

I do not love chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

I did not play with bubbles at the office today. And I did not thoroughly enjoy myself. I think that the office and random strangers enjoyed them too :)

I did not finally find shoes for FRANCE! They are Merrells and super cute. (Amy would be so proud of me!) Also I did not pay more than I have ever paid for shoes in my life...but I have a feeling that I will be thankful that I did once I get there.

I did not buy the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes for the plane. I have read it before but I don't remember all of the solutions. I figure 500 pages should be enough for a 16 hour flight.

I am not having a hard time getting motivated with my work project. Boo.

I am not loving the fact that I have no homework DUE this week due to spring break...I forget what stress free, no homework life feels like.

I do not love date nights! There is just something about them that make me happy...probably it is mostly that I am with Kyle. We went out last night to Alice in Wonderland and out to dinner. Nothing fancy, but it was wonderful :)

The countdown is not officially 45 days. This is coming up fast!

I did not try a new recipe this weekend...cream puffs! They turned out really yummy and were really easy. I now want to host something at my house so I can make them again. And I might try the cream filling in crepes! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

And the Answer is...

49!! 49 days until France.