Monday, February 16, 2009

New Car

The Cottam family has a new car! I love it. It is an automatic! And I actually like driving it. Shocker! It is a 2008 Subaru. Pictures and info soon to come...when the car is washed, it got quite a bit of salt on it from the drive from SLC to Cedar. Why we didn't take pictures of us with the new car the day that we bought it I have no idea. Really...that is a big life moment!

(That was for you Lissa...wink wink!)


I have come to conclude that sometimes I just need to finish things on my own pace. I hate it when I feel pressured to finish something that I am doing just for fun. There is way too much in life that you have to do on a schedule...and so for the fun things it is nice just to do then when you feel like doing them. I volunteered to do a quilt for my co-worker. Yes I had it for a few months...but she finally asked if someone else could finish it. I wasn't offended but I still feel a bit guilty. I guess that what I want to do for fun just kinda goes in cycles. One day I feel like sewing...the next scrapbooking...the next knitting...etc. I guess that is just Megs.

I just finished my spider for my dear friend Annette (from Indiana). Yes it took some time to finish it, but I know she doesn't really care. :)